Biogas Fuel Cell S.A. attended the signing event of Proyectos Clima 2015 organized by Ms. Valvaneru Ulargui, General Director of Climate Change Office, who signed an individual agreement with each project beneficiary. As representation of Biogas Fuel Cell, Nadia Hag-Omer Kerr, Processes and Plants Coordinator, attended the meeting.

After the signing event, a workshop was held for presenting the Proyectos Clima 2015, which was chaired by Ms. Isabel García Tejerina, Minister of Agriculture, Food and Environment. As the Minister said: “These projects contribute to lead Spain to a green economy and a more sustainable society”.

Thus, BFC continues developing low-carbon activities and investing for the renewable sector. In 2015, two new Proyectos Clima have been approved, which are added to the ongoing projects, achieving a total of around 6.000 tones CO2-eq a year.

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