GIRO: Generation, Management and Integration of Routes in OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) (ITC-20151247)

The GIRO project aims to research and develop technologies to create innovative prototypes that support different logistic processes, the generation of routes and schedules, and also the modeling of the observed data and to exploit them in an OLAP environment to support bussiness decisions.

The project duration is 27 months (from 1th October 2015 TO 31th December 2017).

The companies involved in the project are:

– Gestora de subproductos de Galicia, S.L.

– Biogas Fuel Cell, S.A.

– Grupo On Seguridad, S.L.

– A0 Mayores Servicios Sociales, S.L.

– Mugatra Sociedad de Prevención, S.L.

– Taprega Prevención de Riesgos, S.L.

– Centro Tecnológico de la Universidade da Coruña (CITIC)

This project has been co-financed by the CDTI (Center for the industrial technological developement) by means of the INNTERCONECTA 2015 programme.