Research and development

In Biogas Fuel Cell, a big part of material and human resources are dedicated to the research, development and innovation as the sole way to solve the challenges to be dealt with in the waste management sector. We support innovative ideas that can be converted into green projects, by creating strategic consortiums with universities and technological centers all over the world. Our priority lines of investigation are the following:
  • Optimization of the anaerobic digestion process
  • Biogas upgrading systems
  • Production of high added value products as: biomethane, algae biomass and organic fertilizers
  • Hydrogen and fuel cells

From its beginning, the company invest in its participation into R&D projects, both at national and international level, which has allowed to gain a high level of knowledge which will be later applied to its industrial activities.

Some of the most important projects carried out by Biogas Fuel Cell are the following:

  • Lige Biogrid
  • Apre Ecoinnovation
  • Adaw Project
  • Integral B
  • Algadisk